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Electric Bikes

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

E-bikes are taking the cycling world by storm, and they're here to stay. As they take a stronger hold on the marketplace, cycling companies are creating new innovations on old products, bringing brand new electric systems into existence, and providing better support and more serviceable products than ever. We have been selling and servicing electric bikes here at Freedom Bike Shop since 2001, and have more experience than most shops in the valley. We have seen the old, the new, the mainstream and the oddities.

There are many different brands putting out quality e-bikes, and we stock a large variety in order to cater to any cyclist's needs. The more obvious e-bike families such as the commuter style bikes have received lots of attention and research from manufacturers, and any rider looking for these bikes will be very pleased with the options available. There are, however, many other types of e-bikes in production that can greatly expand any rider's horizons. Take the Felt Lebowsk-e for example, with almost a full five inches of tire width and a powerful motor to keep you rolling over anything and everything, in search of adventure. Perhaps the mountain biker in you is yearning for bigger, longer, faster rides... The Specialized Levo FSR and the Kenevo FSR are incredible trail machines that not only stand up to non-motorized mountain bikes, but even give them a run for their money. Perhaps your road riding group is starting to leave you in their dust and you want to level the playing field, the Giant Road-e+ can improve your road riding experience immensely. Click here to see the e-Bikes we have available.

As user-friendly as these bicycles are, e-bikes do require some maintenance on the electrical side as well as the mechanical side. Being a certified service center for the majority of the electric systems allows us to be a one-stop service shop for any bicycle. There are regular software updates being provided to us by the manufacturers, and plenty of excellent diagnostic tools we have in store to keep your e-bike running smoothly. We have certifications with the following brands:

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