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Enter the Pain Cave!

With the dark, cold days well upon us, the time has come to enter the pain cave in preparation for next years riding season.

What do I mean? Well, I mean it's time to invest in a SMART trainer and get a jump on training for riding season so you can come out of the gates fresh and stronger than your friends who sat around like potatoes all winter.

In the past, I can't think of anything I hated more than setting my bike up on a trainer only to spin in one place. Nothing to keep my mind off the pain I was enduring. Sure you can put on a movie or watch the hockey game while you spin but that is still boring as all hell. No thanks. My interest in off season spinning would die typically before December even rolled around. With the development of SMART trainers and apps like ZWIFT, those days are long gone. Now I can hop on my trainer, connect it to my IPAD, connect to ZWIFT, pick a route, a race or a training ride and ride while staying engaged and interested in the ride. Thanks to the world wide web I can even meet up with friends from around the globe to ride virtually. So much better than sitting and staring at a screen trying to forget the pain, now I am engaged and enjoying it!

Lucky for you, we have slashed all the pricing on ALL the SMART trainers we have in stock! There has never been a better time to consider off season cycling and put in the effort needed to come out of winter stronger and fitter than ever before!!

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