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Image by Robert Bye


Freedom Evolve Program

Looking for something more up to date? Tired of buying a brand new bike every year for the kids? With the Freedom Evolve program, you can get credit for your old bike to help keep up with growing children, constantly improving technologies, and any other reason you might have for updating your bicycle. If you have an old ride that you want gone, we can help you trade it towards something brand new. Every time a new bicycle gets picked out and taken home, it's new owner has the option to offer us a bike for trade-in. We'll do an appraisal, and give the old bike any love that it needs. Then we'll slot it into our used bike selection and resell it to a happy cyclist!


A child's transition through the kid's sizes can seem daunting considering the price tags of quality bicycles, but with the Freedom Evolve program, the evolution to the next size bike will typically cost about the same as a purchase of a sub-standard department store bike.

We want your family experience to be awesome... We have the right tools (bikes) to make that happen!

We often have kids bikes available, road bikes, mountain bikes, and even the occasional electric bike! Whatever your needs may be, stop by Freedom to see what our selection has to offer. Be sure to check back periodically if you don't find what you need, people will always be buying new bikes, and trading in their old ones!


Come into the store for more information!

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