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Bike Rentals

When you want to enjoy our scenic roads, explore the local trails, just cruise around town, we've got the perfect rental bike.  E-bike, performance, road, comfort, child trailers and Trail-a-Bikes.  

We also rent travel cases and offer a boxing service for your transportation needs!

Okanagan's Biggest Fleet of Rental Bicycles

When you want to enjoy our scenic roads, explore the trails, 'E-nable' your most powerful self on an E-bike or just cruise around town, we've got the perfect rental bike for you. Browse our packages below and we will make it happen!

Delivery & Pickup

We can deliver and/or pick up your rentals for a or email to confirm arrangements once you have entered your delivery information

Rental Packages

e-bike comfort rental.png

Comfort E-Bikes
Wine Tour/Ale Trail 

Electric-assist allows for longer, more pleasant fully E-nabled rides. Perfect for exploring the KVR and touring tasting rooms




Mountain Performance
(Full Suspension)

Our performance rentals feature front and rear suspension, knobby tires and geometry perfect for the rugged off-road terrain.



Image by Madalina Z

Thule Child
Transport Trailer

Take the kids along, too! Our child trailer attaches to your bike (or a rental) and is a fantastic way to let the kids in on the fun while you get to ride at a pace you like. There's room inside for carrying food, clothing and vacation gear, as well.



E-MTB - Rental_edited.png

Performance E-MTB
(Full Suspension)

Experience the thrill of the trails with our cutting-edge E-MTB rentals. Equipped with the latest technology, our E-MTB's help you power up steep inclines and tackle tough terrain.



Image by Ting Tse Wang


When you feel the need for speed, only a road bike will do. These rigs feature super-light frames, narrow, high-pressure tires, drop handlebars and gearing for going fast and enjoying our scenic back roads.



Image by KBO Bike


Are your children too big for a trailer yet too small to keep up with you on rides? Trailer cycles attach to the back of your bike (or a rental) and follow along behind letting your kids join the fun and burn off energy too.



man in green and black shirt riding bicycle_edited.jpg

Mountain Hardtail
(Front Suspension)

Our front-suspension rentals feature knobby tires, a suspension fork and modern geometry that's equally adept at handling the rugged off-road terrain and casual paths.



Image by Noralí Nayla

Comfort Bikes
Wine Tour/Ale Trail

See the sights in plush luxury on our regal comfort bikes. They feature posture-friendly riding positions, smooth-riding tires, suspension seat posts and cushioned saddles. Plus, their wide-range gearing flattens hills.



'Our Story' image.jpg

Freedom Rides

With tons of gorgeous weather and incredible terrain for riding bikes around the valley, we've organized a few reoccurring group rides to get people out and about on two wheels.

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