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We Are Back to Regular Store Hours:

Monday - Saturday 9:30-5:30 

Sunday CLOSED (riding)


We are here to KEEP YOU RIDING while taking social distancing seriously.

 We recognize the anxiety and stress in the community, we know that keeping you on your bikes is a way for us to keep people safe, happy, healthy and relaxed, and this is very important to us. 

 We are invoking the following policies to - Keep our customers safe. - Keep our staff safe.- Stop the spread of COVID-19.


 - BICYCLE SERVICE: by appointment only, so please call to make an appointment.

 - ON CHECK IN: bikes will be both washed and disinfected.

 - ON BIKE PICK UP: bikes will be disinfected before being delivered to our customers.


Please phone ahead as we are booking service by appointment only: 250-493-0686

In order to ensure safety for our staff, our clients, and our community, we have implemented a mandatory disinfect and wash procedure to ensure that anything coming into the shop does not carry possible infection, and anything leaving our shop is sanitary and ready for you to touch.

This is a significant amount of labor and time added on to every job we bring in through our shop, and as such, we are charging a mandatory $10 Disinfect and Wash fee.

Santa Cruz Heckler

This new trail/all-mountain e-bike from Santa Cruz has made a splash in the market.

Specialized Levo SL

The new Levo SL has the same range as it's big brother, is sub-38lbs, and is barely distinguishable from an analogue bike.

Cube NuTrail Hybrid 500

click for more details

This Specialized Ambush isn't like yours. It has ANGi—a ride tracker, crash detector, and safety beacon that protects you before, during, and after a crash.

Don't let the changing seasons stop you from riding!

Come try on our cold weather gloves, and insulated helmets!

Featured Items

$399.99 - $429.99
$650.00 - $939.99

Mountain Bike Lessons

Ready to go discover the trails in the area but not sure you have the skills needed? At Freedom we have certified instructors on staff who have a passion for teaching and riding and are keen to "show you the ropes".

Bike Rentals

Are you visiting the area and leaving your bike at home? Want to try mountain biking before you buy and want more than just a regular test ride? No matter the reason, we have an entire fleet of bicycles waiting for you to rent.

Linus Bikes on Closeout


Tune-Up One

Tune-Up Two

Tune-Up Three

$Price $Price $Price
Included Service Yes Yes Yes
Included Service Yes Yes Yes
Included Service Yes Yes Yes
Included Service  - Yes Yes
Included Service  -  - Yes
Included Service  -  - Yes